Eat. Draw. Plant. Gift Bundle for Kids


We created this fun bundle with our wee date eaters in mind!

To encourage our youngest fans to eat, draw and plant we’ve assembled all sorts of treats.  Each bundle includes a 1 pound box of our organic “California” series medium to large dates, one box of colored pencils, two 1.5 oz. pocket pouches of Ground Up “Snickerdoodle” nut butter, one reusable bamboo spreader, and three seed starting peat pods.

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We love to inspire people of all ages, especially children, to enjoy their food, express themselves thru art, and learn how to tend to plants.  Our fun illustrated boxes lend themselves to creative re-use!  They can be lovingly customized with doodles and art of your own, and repurposed for numerous uses from collecting shells to storing treasures.

Once our dates have been enjoyed, use the peat pots to plant and grow your own date palm from seed!

How to start a date palm from seed:  Simply place the peat pot in a large jar (with a lid), add enough water to fully engorge the peat pot (it will expand to about 6 times it’s dry height), press your clean seed into the planting medium on top and close the jar with a lid.  Leave in a warm sunny spot (indirect light) and mark the date!  It will take about 6 weeks for the seeds to germinate and sprout both a root and a green top.  Once the green leaf emerges you can transplant your peat pot into a larger pot and water as needed!  If you are lucky enough to have a female fruit bearing date palm, and the pollen needed to pollinate the flowers, and live in an area with long hot summers, you can expect to see your first date fruit in about 10 years!

The 1 lb. box of dates contains approximately 25 whole, unpitted organic Medjool dates.

Note: Allergen warning, this bundle contains pre-packaged nut butter which includes tree nuts and coconut.

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