The 2020 Limited Edition Harvest Box


Our 1st Annual Limited Edition Harvest celebration box is now available!

For eternity people have come together around food – uniting to hunt, gather, plant, harvest, cook, and eat. We connect around ingredients, recipes, and meals—sharing food with family, friends, neighbors, and sometimes strangers—to celebrate, care for, nourish, help, and heal. We at Rancho Meladuco Date Farm recognize the enduring importance of food in bringing together people and communities. To mark our 2020 harvest, at a time when we all need connection more than ever, we’ve launched this limited-edition date box to help raise funds for causes dear to our heart.

$5 from each box sold will be donated to urban community agriculture projects across the United States.  The organizations we are supporting are listed below and we let you choose who to direct your donation to.

Each box contains two (2) pounds of our biggest, extra large, sweet & delicious hand-picked and hand-packed dates in a keepsake wooden box featuring our limited edition 2020 harvest poster created for us by talented artist Ryan Stiner from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

This very special Harvest Box is being produced in limited quantities and makes a great keepsake or extra special gift!


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We are so excited to reveal our 1st Annual Limited Edition Harvest Box!  The theme of this year’s box is “Celebrating the Food that Unites Us.”  These limited edition collectible boxes are a celebration of the annual Date Harvest and the Unity theme, and we are donating a portion of each box sold to urban community agriculture projects.

Each beautiful wood box is made with sustainably farmed US timber by a California box company with over 100 years in business.  Our limited edition box label features a unique artwork commissioned to express the artist’s vision of our harvest and box theme.  This year’s art was created by talented artist Ryan Stiner from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Each box contains two (2) pounds of our extra large, sweet & delicious hand-picked and hand-packed dates.  $5 from each box sold will be donated to urban community agriculture projects across the United States.  These organizations are leaders in community building agricultural projects.  Together they engage young people and their communities in farming and food distribution, help urban communities grow their own nutritious foods, nourish & preserve food traditions, and teach sustainable practices for food production and resource management.  Learn more about the organizations we are supporting below!

This very special Harvest Box is being produced in limited quantities and makes a great keepsake or extra special gift!  Get yours before they are gone!

Meet the organizations we are supporting:

The Food Project –  Boston, Massachusetts

2018 Farmer’s Market – credit Juniper Studios

Serving the Greater Boston and North Shore of Eastern Massachusetts, The Food Project employs 120 local teenagers to help grow an equitable and sustainable local food system. Each year, youth cultivate 70 acres of farmland in cities and suburbs; over 50% of the 200,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables they harvest is distributed to local families living with food insecurity—by way of affordable farmers’ markets, food donations, backyard garden initiatives, and partnerships with local businesses. Through hands-on farmwork, social justice workshops, and community engagement, young people at The Food Project grow into the next generation of food justice leaders.

2018 Farm


City Slicker Farms – Oakland, California

City Slicker Farms began with a mission to empower West Oakland community members to meet the basic need for fresh, healthy food by creating sustainable, high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens. Since its founding in 2001, City Slicker Farms has been at the forefront of the 21st-century sustainable urban farming and food justice movement, gaining national recognition as a leader in supporting low-income communities of color to grow food in the city. In those sixteen years, they have built over 400 backyard and community gardens, produced 300,000 pounds of nutrient rich food, and trained thousands of community members in organic gardening methods and environmental stewardship. By gathering to celebrate food, share resources and knowledge, and preserve food-ways, they nourish and strengthen the resilience of their communities.

Outdoor Classroom – West Oakland Urban Farm & Park

East New York Farms – Brooklyn, New York

East New York Farms! operates three urban farms and one garden in East New York to increase access to locally grown produce, as well as to provide opportunities to learn, gather, and volunteer. Their mission is to organize youth and adults to address food justice in their community by promoting local sustainable agriculture and community-led economic development. East New York Farms! has more community gardens than any neighborhood in the city, and many produce food for the market and local families. They support gardens with workshops, resources, and assistance from community youth, and hire 35 young people to participate in their internship program each year. Community educators provide cooking demonstrations, presentations, and gardening workshops to educate our neighbors about how to grow, prepare, and preserve healthy food. Two community-run farmers markets make fresh food available and affordable, while building our local economy and creating places for neighbors to meet and greet.

ENY Farms! Youth Stand

Farm LA – Los Angeles, California

Farm LA is dedicated to rescuing underutilized lots in Los Angeles communities for solar and agricultural farms by acquiring vacant properties and turning them into farms that grow food for community distribution, or solar farms for Los Angeles to generate its water and energy from renewable sources. Their mission is to create a cultural awareness and appreciation for community gardening, healthy eating and sustainable energy.

Farm LA

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The Food Project – Boston, Massachusetts, City Slicker Farms – Oakland, California, The Detroit Black Food Security Network – Detroit, Michigan, East New York Farms – Brooklyn New York, Farm LA – Los Angeles, California, Let us choose for you!


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