About Rancho Meladuco

Our Date Farm is located in the Coachella Valley, not far from Palm Springs. Rancho Meladuco date farm began with the 4 original trees planted on our ranch decades ago. We shared their delicious fruit with friends and family and were inspired by their wows, oohs and aahs. Our founder, Joan, (a mother of three, home cook, and backyard gardener) decided to expand and begin farming dates. We use traditional farming and harvesting methods, and pack each box by hand. Visit us at the Date Shop in Newport Beach, California.

Our Team

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Joan Smith

founder & Date Farmer

Joan Smith is the founder, and date farmer, at Rancho Meladuco. A mother of 3, CPA, and avid cook, foodie, and hobby gardener, Joan began farming dates out of a desire to share the delicious and nutritious fruit from her family farm with everyone.


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