Frequently Asked Questions

What variety of dates do you sell?

Our dates are all Medjool, a variety often referred to as King of the Dates. They are known for their large size and sweet caramel-like flavor.

How should I store my dates?

The answer to this depends on how quickly you eat them! If you plan to eat your dates within a week or two, they can be kept at room temperature (in my home our dates sit at room temperature much longer with no issues). If storing dates for long periods of time they do best in the freezer.  Dates can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month or two, but any longer than that and they will begin to dry out and can pick up flavors from your other foods.

What is the season for dates?  How long are they available?

All medjool dates grown in the U.S. are harvested beginning in August and continuing thru October.  We store our dates in coolers (and in freezers – see above) to provide delicious dates year-round, or until we sell out!

I noticed sand like granules on the flesh of one of my dates, what is this?

Date sugar! The soft and tender dates we like best have a higher moisture content and the sugary juices of these softer dates can crystalize under refrigeration. These crystals can appear where the flesh of the date is exposed or torn. They are perfectly safe & delicious to eat. Date sugar will usually dissolve when the date is warmed up.