Fresh Yellow Bahri Dates – limited time only!


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We are taking orders and pre-orders now for this short seasoned delicacy!

Bahri dates are a wonderfully sweet, medium sized, round date.  Bahri is one of a just a few cultivated varieties that are eaten and enjoyed when they are still yellow, firm and crunchy!   Most dates are too tanic to enjoy at this stage, but Bahri dates are lower in tannins so the sugary flavors shine thru.  Crunchy like an apple, sweet like cotton candy, yellow Barhi dates are available for just a few weeks in August and we are pleased to offer a limited amount of these for you to enjoy!

Once your dates arrive, keep them refrigerated.  If left at room temperature, Yellow Barhi, like all dates, will begin to soften and brown as they continue to ripen.  Fully ripenend, brown Bahri are also very delicious! They have a bright brown sugar flavor and melt in your mouth texture.

Enjoy Yellow Barhi as a fresh snack, or chop them up and add them to a summer salad!

Contains TWO POUNDS of Yellow Barhi on the strand, packaged in a plain kraft bakery box.

Due to the fresh and perishable nature we will ship orders twice per week only, please allow 5-7 days for processing your order in addition to transit time.



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