Step aside figs!

I live in Arizona and with our extreme heat now entering its second month this August, my fig tree could not withstand the intense heat, along with my citrus trees. One day I had nice rippening figs and three days later I had shriveled up prunes.. I was devastated. When I shared this news with my friends, ( who would always get a harvested b ox sent to them over many years) they felt as I did, awful. A few days later, I get a delivery from my friends. It was a box of the dates with a lovely note saying they hope that these will ease the pain of not being able to make my fig jam this year. I started to cry because they knew how much i nurtured this tree and each year enjoyed its bountry; sharing figs with folks that never knew what a fig was! Suffice to say, when I took my first bite of your dates, i was in heaven! never have i experienced such an amazing taste in my life! its like a little celebration in my mouth!!! i can’t wait now to see how I will incorporate them into recipes before I eat the whole box! These will be in everyones seasonal thanksgivng baskets for sure.

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