Don’t let concerns about our Packing Peanuts make you nuts!

We are dedicated to using natural, compostable, recyclable, reusable and plastic-free materials whenever possible.  This includes our shipping fill.  We use a 100% compostable fill made from vegetable starch called Renature.  It dissolves in water.  Immediately.  No styrofoam or plastic air filled bags here.  And while we’re on the subject, our delicious dates are also packed in natural kraft, plastic-free paper boxes.  No window, no problem.  Trust us, we sell the good stuff.

Want to entertain your kiddos? Add water to the peanuts and watch them dissolve!

Renature Fill info sheet

3 replies on “Don’t let concerns about our Packing Peanuts make you nuts!

  • Scott

    Love the fact that you guys are packaging with post consumer recycled cardboard boxes when everyone else is packaging in plastic. I noticed that quickly at Whole Foods and led to my purchase. Great dates too!


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