“These are the world’s best dates” – Bon Appetit

To say we are excited to be mentioned in the iconic Bon Appetit Magazine is an understatement! Check out the October edition (page 12 if you want to get right to us!) featuring your favorite dates!

“… They’re plump and have a natural caramelized flavor.  I split them in half and fill them with almond butter for a preworkout snack.”  – Christina Chaey, Bon Appetit

6 replies on ““These are the world’s best dates” – Bon Appetit

  • Mary Daoud

    U ==I have placed a new order.

    Is there a time of year when Rancho Meladuo runs out of these fabulous dates? They are in deed the best. I froze some and you are absolutely correct, no harm done , In fact i rather ejoyed the chill on the dates.

    • Joan Smith

      So happy to hear Mary! Thanks for sharing your experience (we like them chilled too!) – We hope not to run out before the next harvest in late August/September but it’s hard to know for sure.

  • Sabrianna

    These are truly the best dates I have ever tasted. I sampled one at Gelson’s in Newport Beach and it was truly love at first bite. These are the most plump, moist dates you will ever taste. Amazing! I have a sweet tooth and I feel having a date a day is a healthy alternative to a sweet made with highly processed sugar and chemicals.

  • Goddess Charity

    I have never had Dates before having your brand of them. I will say I love these dates. All the way from Oklahoma. I am so grateful to my friend who insisted that I had to try them. Now I buy a box weekly. So delicious, and I find they curve my appetite for other sweats, that are more harmful to my diet.


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