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Who doesn’t love a cheap date?

We’ve got an assortment of products that need to go!  These include damaged boxes, sugared & dry fruit, or “expired” product.   Still delicious, nutritious and perfectly edible these dates need a home.  Dates have a very long shelf life (literally years) so “expired” is a term we use loosely.  But when our “best by” date comes and goes, these go on sale for you!  You’ll find damaged boxes, sugared dates, dry fruit, or even overly moist dates.

These are “as is” buys so returns and refunds will not be offered.  We describe these conditions below, but feel free to message us if you have specific questions.





Sugaring: Sugaring is the term for crystallization of the date syrup & liquids present in the date flesh.  Similar to crystals that develop in honey and maple syrup, this occurs naturally over time as the dates are exposed to air and occurs predominantly in dates that were harvested and packed at a higher moisture level.  We love our moist dates (and so do you!) but they can sugar, sometimes heavily, under various conditions.  If the sugaring is too extreme we pull these from stock and offer them as a steal!  Sugaring can appear as large round polka dots under the skin, a sandy coating on the outside, a white crust on the skin, or a discoloration accumulating in the folds of the date skin.  It can also appear as a thicker accumulation of pale sugar around the seed inside.  All are safe and tasty.  We call them bonus crunchy bits!

“Expired:” Dates are considered self-preserving because of their high sugar content and naturally low moisture content and have an extremely long shelf life, particularly when frozen.  Dates are considered good for up to 3 years frozen.  We use a shorter “best by” on our products but their actual shelf life is longer.

Dry or Moist:  Dates are a DRY fruit not a “dried” fruit.  Dates do not mature uniformly on the tree so when we harvest them there will be very dry dates, very moist dates, and everything in between.  Over time dates will naturally continue to dehydrate if left at room temperature.  Even refrigeration (which is designed to remove moisture from the air) will dehydrate dates and can lead to brittle skin, etc.  Similarly, some of our dates are a tad too moist and can lead to leaky boxes during transit.  They are best kept frozen or refrigerated, but can be a little “leaky” when shipped so we hesitate to mail them.  These are available for purchase but with the caveat that they can crush and leak in transit if the boxes are handled roughly in transit.


There are several ways to revive dry dates:

  • Single date snacking: microwave for a couple seconds
  • For baking, “caramel” or other ingredient use: add dates to saucepan, cover with water and bring to a boil until desired texture.

These are “as is” sales, no returns or refunds will be granted.

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Expired, Damaged Packaging, Sugared or Discolored, Just Too Dry, Just Too Moist

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2 lb. Hand Packed Prime, 2 lb. Hand Packed Prime ORGANIC, 1 lb. Hand Packed Prime, 1 lb. Hand Packed Prime ORGANIC, 2 lb. Mixed Size Loose "California" Box ORGANIC, 1 lb. Mixed Size Loose "California" Box ORGANIC, 1 lb. Mixed Size Loose "California", 9 oz. Grinders cup ORGANIC, 9 oz. Grinders cup, 15 lb. Prime Dates ORGANIC, 15 lb. Prime Dates, 15 lb. Mixed Size Loose ORGANIC, 15 lb. Mixed Size Loose, 15 lb. Grinders ORGANIC, 15 lb. Grinders, 5 lb. Grinders ORGANIC, 5 lb. Grinders


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